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Terms & Conditions

Update: With an increasing amount of fluctuation in number of guests within 48 hours of events (adding or dropping numbers), please note that we cannot refund for guest dropouts without 1 weeks notice. Adding guests is not an issue; you will be billed accordingly. Thank you for your understanding!


The Client agrees to engage the Contractor to provide the Client with the following services:

·         Plan, set up and take down Client’s chosen event, including but not limited to: table, seating, place settings, décor.

Conclave Co., will arrive up to 3 hours prior to your event at the agreed upon location to set up, and use specifications established at time of consultation, including which package was chosen, which theme was chosen, and if there were any add-ons.  We will need a minimum space of 13’x8’ to accommodate our setups.  It is up to you to have a power source close by (within 100 ft) if there are any items within your package that require a power source.  Failure to do so will result in Conclave Co. not having the ability to fulfill the package in its full entirety, with no refund.  If event is indoors, we cannot set up themed frames (unless space permits).  It is asked that Client does not leave items unattended and waits for Conclave Co. staff to arrive back before departing (especially in public areas).  Conclave Co. will arrive at the end of Clients allotted time to clean up.  You are not required to clean up, permitting there is not excessive trash or damage.  If damage occurs or items are missing, Client may be required to pay a fee. All products provided during the event are property of Conclave Co., including items like the games and candles, and may not be kept by Client.


·         If add-on is selected and paid for, present food selected by Client, fulfilled by Brie + Poppy Co.  Client understands that this is an entity outside of Conclave Co. and that Conclave Co. is responsible for arranging Client preferences with Brie + Poppy Co. and presenting food at your event, on behalf of Brie + Poppy Co.; and

·         If add-on is selected and paid for, provide a 1-hour photography session by Shay Frances Photography.  Please note that this service is based on Shay Frances Photography’s availability and may not be available with every time/date.  A $50 deposit is required upon booking this add-on.

Client has the duration of time determined at time of booking.  If Client is late, this cuts into their booked time.  Conclave Co. will not extend times based on Client arriving late.


The Client will pay a deposit, amount which will be communicated by Conclave Co. (e-transfer or cash) for the Service.  $50 of this will be non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The rest will be due the day of the service being provided before the event occurs, in the form of cash or e-transfer.  If payment is not made before event occurs, unless otherwise discussed with Conclave Co., event will be cancelled, and deposit is non-refundable.  An invoice will be created to itemize every service provided, and a receipt will be issued after payment.


In the event that the Client wishes to cancel their event, they must provide 72 hours (3 days) notice for a full refund, less the $50 non-refundable administrative fee of the deposit.

Weather will be checked 24 hours prior to Client’s event.  Client will be contacted by Conclave Co. if there is any chance of inclement weather, and Client will decide:

1.      If they wish for their event to proceed, it will be at their own risk and discretion.  Conclave Co. establishes the right to refuse to set up electrical equipment if inclement weather is foreseeable, with no refund.  A second location (inside) is strongly advised if this option is chosen.

2.      Conclave Co. is happy to reschedule Client’s event to a new date that suits both Conclave Co. and the Client, or give a gift certificate in the amount the Client spent.

*  no refund will be provided due to inclement weather.

Some locations require permits for events of this nature.  If you are unsure, please ask Conclave Co. before booking regarding location and if additional fees will be incurred related to location permits and/or parking fees.


Client is in full understanding that Conclave Co. does not have control over beach, park, or other public location conditions.  This includes other individuals and their noise/activity and the condition of the location itself.  Absolutely no alcohol is permitted in public places, and Client is fully responsible for their actions.

We take the utmost care in cleaning and maintaining furniture and decor items. Please only use these items in the manner which they were intended.


Client agrees that Conclave Co. may use images from the event for display, advertising, website, social media and magazine submissions and any other means of promotion, unless expressly advised otherwise in writing by Client.  Clients waive any right to payment or royalties for the use of the images. 

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