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We've really nailed this
date night thing.

Oh HEY! We're so happy you're here!  Our names are Courtney & Chad, and we're a husband and wife duo who come to you with a leveled up date night experience. 



We've been together since 2015.  In that time, we've created a lot of things together: two epic daughters, a lot of memories, and countless date night ideas.... which brings us here!  I'm the wife counterpart, and I come from a background in the event planning industry and graduated from the Interior Decorating program at Fanshawe College.  My husband, Chad, has entrepreneurship running through his veins, and mutually the two of us having a passion for design and good times; with our combined experience, putting our collective skills and passions into a business like this was a no-brainer.  Hello, Conclave Co.!

a little about us...


Covid really hit people
where it hurt.

Where previously we could go enjoy each others company at the drive-in, a restaurant or an arcade, suddenly we found ourselves in a spark-less void, with next to no options for time together.  Conclave Co. was born out of this distinct desire for creating extraordinary moments out of the ordinary.  We had the luxury of having a childless afternoon in the middle of the COVID lockdown, in which time we threw a blanket down and had a picnic.  Creating this intentional time together gave us the most fun afternoon we've had since COVID began.

That's when we realized the power of carving out time...

and what that meant for our relationship.  We want to share this intention with others, and create an unforgettable experience in which time you feel how we felt that afternoon, whether it be with a partner, your girlfriends, or your Mom.  Make someone feel more special than they've ever felt by allowing us the privilege to create that moment for you!

We challenge you to stop hitting pause on date nights and gatherings, and to start setting aside time for connectedness and togetherness.  

We're so excited to curate an escape from everyday life for you!


Courtney & Chad

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